Tooling Up

As a means to demonstrate our Firebase migration, we will be migrating a customized build of the Ionic Angular Conference Application, a progressive web application (PWA) that uses Firebase Authentication, Storage, and Cloud Firestore for real time data.

We’ll be making use of AWS CDK to provision our backend infrastructure. For the frontend, we’ll make use of AWS Amplify, a set of libraries that allow for rapid frontend development integration with AWS backend resources.

First let’s update our Cloud9 EC2 instance’s Linux operating system:

sudo yum update -y

Next let’s install the LTS version of Node.js:

nvm install 12 --lts

nvm alias default 12

Now let’s globally install the Firebase CLI, AWS CDK, AWS Amplify GraphQL generator, and Ionic Framework CLI:

npm install -g \
  firebase-tools \
  aws-cdk \
  amplify-graphql-docs-generator \

Let’s clone the demonstration app repository

git clone

Now let’s install the app’s dependencies:

cd ionic-conference-app

npm install

This should take some time, so grab a favorite beverage. After the process is complete, we need to provision some secrets so the app can authenticate with Firebase and AWS. You may be prompted to share data with Google, which you can deny.