Firebase CLI Setup

Now let’s sign in with the Firebase CLI. This will provide a URL to login with a Google account and obtain an authorization code. We’re going to use a shared Google account,

Retrieve the Firebase Authentication password using the credentials given at the beginning of this workshop:

Firebase Shared Account Password

We’re specifying the --no-localhost flag because we want to use our local environment’s web browser instead of the Cloud9 preview feature.

firebase login --no-localhost

When prompted to collection usage statistics, select n.

? Allow Firebase to collect CLI usage and error reporting information? (Y/n)

Next, open the URL presented in the next prompt in a web browser. You will see something similar to:

Visit this URL on any device to log in:

Proceed to sign in as and use the provided password given at the beginning of this workshop.

Next, accept the permission scopes requested.

Finally copy and paste the authorization code back into your Cloud9 terminal session.