Beyond Getting Started

Congratulations on making this journey. We have ventured deeper into AWS, but have only arrived at base camp. Hopefully we have shown how to migrate your Firebase application to a robust and extensible AWS architecture while managing system complexity without sacrificing the long term value of your application. There will always be a delicate tradeoff between the velocity, quality, and cost of your projects. Using IaC to manage AWS infrastructure is a great way to balance these forces from the beginning.

But the benefits we’ve reaped by migrating to AWS using an IaC approach only begin with our frontend application integration. We have laid a solid foundation using CDK from which to evolve our infrastructure without destabilizing our existing deployment. From here we can build anything we can imagine, whether that is making new features with any of AWS’s over 175 services to integrating third party libraries and APIs.

Whether or not this marks the end of your journey, thank you for attending our workshop.