Firebase Migration Workshop


Welcome to the AWS Firebase Migration Workshop! If you’re here, you are probably using Firebase to host your mobile or web application and are interested in how you would do so with AWS. We’ll first show you how to create a parallel environment in AWS that automatically mirrors Firebase resources. Then we’ll show you how to connect AWS to a real live Firebase progressive web application with zero downtime. In fact, we’ll show you how to use Firebase and AWS at the same time. You can then gracefully deprecate the Firebase environment without losing any of the user credentials or data. You can expect to complete this workshop in about one to two hours.

This workshop is primarily for learning techniques and tools used to migrate a pre-existing and live running Firebase application to AWS. Note that the following tools may not work precisely for your own Firebase application. However, the techniques and AWS architectural guidance for migrating a general Firebase application presented within this workshop will be the same.

This workshop is designed to be run at an AWS event, as you will need credentials to access the common Firebase acount we will be migrating to AWS. Contact your AWS Solutions Architect or account team if you would like to run the workshop on your own.

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